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We Provide the world with ecologically sustainable organic products. 

            " Top Organic Products and Supplies" is a subsidiary of STC Group who highly specialize in RICE and trade it for over 30 years under a company called Capital Rice .  Due to significant growth in organic business, Top Organic Products  and Supplies Co., Ltd.  was established in 2002 to cope with organic line of business. We provide not only organic jasmine rice, but also others organic produce to meet day-to- day consumer trend.


The 20’s-Year Journey of Organic Rice Farming

The project of Organic Jasmine Rice was firstly originated in 1991 by STC Group to grow organic jasmine rice for supplying to Europe where its demand has been significantly increased.    Several areas had been investigated and “Thung Lor”, the most appropriated area, was selected.  

           And thus, the Organic Jasmine Rice Project was born. It is the first of its venture in Thailand being certified in all aspects of organic international standards.

Thung Lor is located in the north of Thailand, connecting the areas of 2 provinces: Chiang Rai and Phayao. In the former days, before a group of officials and private sector representatives went to survey and advise villagers on how to join the organic – rice venture, Thung Lor was only an undeveloped village, primarily accessible by a dirt track. The farmers worked on their rice plantation in a primitive way with an old concept of their belief “Fish in the water and rice in the field”. Cattle  and buffaloes were the main labor in farming. Harvesting was done once a year. There was no irrigation system. The cycles of water inflow and outflow depended only on natural rainfall. Most of the rice cultivation was by transplanting seedlings.

At the beginning, the farming area covered approximately 480 hectares, and gradually increased to over 1,000 hectares at present. The annual yield of quality organic jasmine rice is about 3,000 tons from 212 family members.
With modern technology and knowledge support by the Rice Department,. Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, the farmers are able to develop farming methods for their successful outcome.

          BioAgricert in Italy has been dealing in this project from the early stage, and following up any new organic regulations necessary to closely advise.
Aftermath of Organic Farming
The farmers in Thung Lor are proud to have been able to keep their rice fields from toxic elements which destroy the quality of the environment and damage the eco-systems in the farmlands, instead using only natural compost and biological liquid fertilizer in their rice fields and applying local wisdom to deal with pests. Thung Lor has been highly cherished by the people of this homeland, who will continue to value and protect for future generations to come.
Today, members of the organic rice farming group have mastered organic rice cultivation techniques, become self reliant, acquired knowledge on production technologies and creative thinking. Above all, they have most certainly improved the economic status and quality of life for themselves, and their community.
October 31, 2011 was 20th year anniversary celebration. The festival ceremony was held at the rice fields. All parties concerned delightedly enjoyed 2 decades of Thung Lor legend.


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